In a world pandemic we could think of no better place to spend time than in Greenland. Remoteness is the key word - in fact you can spend days and weeks in nature without meeting a single person. Sila Greenland DMC is offering bespoke travel in small groups to experience beautiful fjords with high rugged mountains, calving glaciers and wildlife like humpback whales, seals, eagles and even polar bears.

Before flying by helicopter to the East side, we will enjoy the lush, green part of South Greenland, where Norseman Erik the Red settled and named the country. The area is UNESCO world heritage with historical sites like Hvalsey Church ruin, Qassiarsuk, and Igaliku. Hot springs are not that common in Greenland and some are even too warm, but the hot spring in Uunartoq has the perfect temperature - 38 C degrees. Enjoy the view of icebergs in the fjord while soaking in a natural pool.

Apart from enjoying the nature and wildlife we will be taken good care of by a local chef that will be cooking for you based on the natural resources. South Greenland is known as “the banana coast” growing potatoes, parsnip, rhubarb and much more. The lamb is probably the best you will ever get and the Arctic Char is as fresh as they come.

Tours to this area are made possible with dedicated young entrepreneurs with a love for Greenland and especially for their region. Please let me know if you would be interested, we will set up an exclusive tour in July/ August 2021.

A nunatak sticking out of the edge zone of the Greenland Ice Sheet near the bottom of the Tasermiut Fjord in South Greenland - Photos by Aningaaq Carlsen & Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland