It is a known fact that the Greenlandic sled dog population has decreased with 50% within the past 30 years. With the science project called Qimmeq we have also learned that the Greenlandic sled dog is the oldest race in the world.

Greenland Dog Adventure came to live with a strong wish to sustain the Greenlandic dog sledding culture, which risks disappearing within the next 10 - 20 years if action is not taken now. The natural development of urbanization and a modern society where sled dogs are no longer the most important way of transportation, we have to rethink the way of life with sled dogs. Furthermore global warming is melting the sea ice, which makes it difficult for local fishermen and hunters to use their sleds and in a shorter period of time if at all. Also snowmobiles are becoming more common as a way of transporting the catch of the day back to civilisation.

We believe that Greenland Dog Adventure is a sustainable project that can keep the culture alive - a culture that dates back over thousand years to the first migration of Inuits into Greenland. The Greenland Sled Dog is a special race that has adapted to the arctic climate along with Inuits that have passed on their knowledge to the next generations. Tourism will help make this project financially sustainable so that it will still be possible to experience traditional dogsledding. A Dogsled Center will also frame a science base, where the dog will actively be studied and knowledge passed on to locals as well as visitors.